How do you maintain GREENWOODS, once the Infrastructure and Amenities completed?

We believe that, our responsibility won’t stop after our sales and completion of the project. We are equally responsible along with all the owners of the property to ensure, the property is maintained well and taken care to keep it CLEAN and GREEN forever. After all, it is NSR Ventures reputation at stake, if our Township is not maintained well and taken care to keep it as good as new one. Hence, we decided to put good handover mechanism after completion and have the right team in place to maintain the same. For that, we work closely with the owners of this property and ensure proper system is in place to maintain well.

Till the development continues, Our NSR staff will take care of the maintenance without any additional charges to our customers. Once the project is completed, we will communicate with all our Green Woods customers and give the complete possession of the property. We will share the actual maintenance cost and it will be distributed across all the owners to bear the maintenance charges from then onwards. We will form the GREEN WOODS OWNERS ASSOCIATION and we will hand over the maintenance to the elected body. However, NSR Ventures will ensure smooth transition and there will not be any lapse in the maintenance of the property. We will provide required support to the ASSOCIATION to function smoothly in future as well.

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