Can you explain me more on Bangalore-Chennai Express Highway status?

You might have already following lot of buzz around the Bangalore-Chennai Industrial Corridor work progress and the Japan government/companies showing interest in this infrastructure development. Which is in the similar lines of the project taken off as Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor and is a major success.

The Bangalore-Chennai Express Highway is one of the important infrastructure project part of the Bangalore-Chennai Industrial Corridor development. It is the high speed road (120 km speed limit) which connects Chennai Port to Bangalore and along the side, various Industrial Areas are developed by all 3 state governments (Karnataka, Andhra & Tamilnadu).

The ‘Bangalore-Chennai Express Highway’ alignment is already done and budget is allocated. All three state governments (Karnataka, Andhra & Tamilnadu) already approved this plan. Now, the land acquisition process is going on. As per the plan, by 2015 it will be in final shape.

Please go through this detailed project report for more details and is prepared by Japan Company after detailed study @ . And also, we have put various media coverage under ‘Media Coverage’ link/page on this Express Highway project to get you the up to date status.

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