What is GREEN WOODS all about?

GREEN WOODS is our first project shaping our vision into reality. We want to make it best in class Township and create it as a Green Paradise. We planned this amidst of existing Village, to make it good for immediate living with good friendly neighborhood.

The Green Woods project has been undertaken with an aim to enrich the lives and experiences of Nature lovers, their families and guests by providing a natural getaway from the fast-paced world and also by delivering year-round recreational facilities, thereby offering them great value for money.

It is about,

  • Delivering the Green Life Style – The Greenery at its Best!
  • Double your Returns on Investment – You are investing in one of the fastest growing area and one of the Landmark and Signature Property.
  • Amidst Village Neighborhood – Life is so endlessly beautiful, when you are living close to the Nature. The Nature is at its best, when you are living in a Village.
  • Home Away from Home, Life with its Beauteous Best – Uniquely architected Kuteers are there for your weekend / holiday recreational / relaxing needs.
  • Ready to Move In – It is ready for your immediate living.
  • Near Industrial Growth Hub – It is next to Bangalore-Chennai Industrial Corridor which is fastest growing industrial hub in Southern India.
  • Theme based Designer Parks and well developed Landscape – You have enough greenery around to soothe your eyes.

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