Project Plan

We are at NSR, believes in transparency in our actions to come closer to our customers. The following information is in that direction, to give our prospective and existing customers, a single view of our Green Woods Project Plan,  where we are with respect to the actual committed time lines in terms of the progress. This page is regularly updated as per the work progress and it is very convenient way to track the status.

This Page is updated on   30-Oct-2018   14:50 PM

Activity / Milestone Planned
Start Date
End Date
Actual Start Date Actual End Date Status Remarks
DC Conversion
Sy. No. 71/1 01-Apr-13 15-Jul-13 01-Apr-13  15-Jul-13 Completed
Sy. No. 68/2 01-Apr-13 15-Jul-13 01-Apr-13  15-Jul-13 Completed
Sy. No. 57 02-May-13 30-Jul-13 02-May-13 27-Aug-13 Completed
Sy. No. 58/2 01-Jun-16 15-Aug-16  20-Aug-16 1-Aug-17 Completed
Designs and Plans
Master Plan 01-Jun-13 7-Aug-13 24-Jun-13 9-Nov-13 Completed  Phase-1 Master Plan is Finalized with 88 units
Entrance 7-Aug-13 31-Aug-13 8-Nov-13  22-Nov-13 Completed Find the Entrance design from Downloads or Amenities page
Sewerage 7-Aug-13 31-Aug-13 20-Nov-13  22-Jan-14 Completed
Water Supply 7-Aug-13 31-Aug-13 20-Nov-13 22-Jan-14 Completed
Electrical 7-Aug-13 31-Aug-13 20-Nov-13 22-Jan-14 Completed
Storm Water Drainage 7-Aug-13 31-Aug-13 20-Nov-13  22-Jan-14 Completed
Rain Water Harvesting 7-Aug-13 31-Aug-13 20-Nov-13 22-Jan-14 Completed
Landscaping 1-Sept-13 30-May-14 10-Feb-14  10-Jun-15 Completed
Club House 1-Sept-13 30-Apr-14 10-Feb-14 31-Dec-16 Completed Find the New Club House designs from Downloads page
Swimming Pool 1-Sept-13 30-Apr-14 10-Feb-14 11-Sep-14 Completed
Parks / Play Areas 1-Sept-13 30-May-14 15-Feb-14   10-Jun-15 Completed
Amphi/Home Theater 1-Sept-13 30-Apr-14 10-Feb-14  11-Sep-14 Completed
Kuteers / Villa 01-May-13 15-June-14 01-May-13 15-Jun-15 Completed
Township Plan Approval
Phase-1 08-Aug-13 30-Aug-13  10-Nov-13 7-Jan-14 Completed
Phase-2 01-Jan-19 30-May-19 Yet to Initiate
Site Cleaning & Levelling 1-Jun-13 14-Aug-13 1-Jun-13 3-Nov-13 Completed  Phase -1 Land is completely cleaned.
Site Marking 15-Aug-13 30-Aug-13  22-Feb-14  9-Mar-14 Completed
Office 1-Sept-13 25-Jul-14  22-Jan-14  12-Jun-14 Completed Check the latest pics from Image Gallery > Work In Progress Part I
Borewells 01-Aug-13 15-Aug-13 3-Nov-13 2-Nov-14 Completed Now we have four borewells are didgged and are in working condition
Compound Wall 15-Aug-13 30-Apr-14 26-Dec-13  23-Jun-14 Completed  Check the latest progress pictures from Image Gallery
Entrance Gate 01-Jun-14 30-Jun-14  07-Jan-14  26-Jan-15 Completed
Sewerage Lines 01-Apr-14 30-May-14 07-Apr-14  11-Sep-14 Completed
Water Lines 01-Apr-14 30-May-14  07-May-14 11-Sep-14 Completed
Storm Water Drianage 01-Apr-14 30-Jun-14  07-May-14 15-Jan-15 Completed
Electricy Board Approvals 20-Apr-14 30-May-14 09-Apr-14 25-Apr-14 Completed
Road Formation 1-May-14 28-Jun-14  16-Jun-14 04-Sep-14 Completed
Electricity Lines 01-Jun-14 28-Jun-14 2-Jun-14 10-Jan-15 Completed
Street Lights 01-Jun-14 28-Jul-14  2-Oct-14 15-Oct-2014 Completed
STP 01-Mar-19 30-Dec-19 Yet to Initiate  Will be constructing along with Club House
Overhead Water Tank 01-Mar-14 30-Jun-14  22-Jan-14  27-Aug-14 Completed Entrance Over head tank is completed one more overhead tank above the clubhouse is yet to start
Black Top Roads 01-Jun-15 30-Jun-15 01-Jan-15 30-Mar-16 Completed Sub Grade of the Road preparation and Metalling of the roads is completed and left for one full rainy season to settle down.
Landscaping 01-Jun-15 30-Jul-17 04-Sep-14 31-Dec-16 Completed  Village Theme Park and Entrance Parks are Completed
Outdoor Playing Court 01-Dec-15 30-Jan-17  01-Oct-16 Completed
Children Play Area 01-Jun-15 30-Jul-17  01-Dec-15 15-Dec-16 Completed
Plantation 01-Jun-14 30-Jul-16  01-Sep-14 30-Jun-15 Completed
Club House 01-Mar-19 30-Dec-20 Yet to Initiate   Waiting for Govt. clearances
Swimming Pool 01-Jul-19 30-Dec-20 Yet to Initiate   Waiting for Govt. clearances
Amphi/Home Theater 01-Jul-19 30-Dec-20 Yet to Initiate   Waiting for Govt. clearances
Model Kuteers / Villas 01-May-15 01-Aug-15 31-Dec-2016 Completed  Model Kuteer is completed in Plot No. 15.
Bank Approvals
India Bulls 1-Sep-13 30-Apr-14 22-Jan-14 26-Jan-15 Completed
LIC Housing 1-Sep-13 28-Apr-14 22-Jan-14  24-Apr-15 Completed
IDBI Bank 1-Sep-13 4-Apr-14 22-Jan-14 9-Apr-14 Completed
DHFL 1-Sep-14 6-Jan-15 01-Oct-14 11-Jan-15 Completed
AXIS Bank 1-Sep-14 4-Jan-14 12-Oct-14 25-Jan-15 Completed
SBI Bank 1-Sep-15 4-Jan-16 12-Oct-15 25-Jan-16 Completed
Project Closure & Handover 01-Dec-20 30-Dec-20 Yet to Initiate