Come Home to Real Greenery

“Green woods, the name itself emanate tranquility that every life aims to achieve. Welcome to this heaven on earth, beautifully placed on several acres of verdant land in the outskirts of Bangalore. Find serenity in this inspiring green paradise and experience blissful oneness with Mother Nature basking in all her rhythms, seasons and cycles. Let the mesmerizing perfume of gorgeous flowers spread amidst the leafy shadows enchant you!

Green Woods, with its unique blend of picture-perfect designs with a family-friendly layout, offers endless opportunities for every family member to celebrate life. Feel the jovial hum of bees, the imposing gait of the wind, the majesty of the leafy vistas, the steaming kettle, the cheerful cup, the moon weaving its spell and the symphony of the stars. In short, this place has everything to help you celebrate life and create memories that will echo for years to come.”

Green Woods Homes
  • A Self – Sustained, Eco-Friendly and Resort Style Premium Residential Township
  • Greenery + Recreation + Appreciation = Green Woods
  • Off Bangalore – Chennai Express Highway
  • DC Converted and Plan Approvals from Town Planning Authority (MPA)
  • Available Plot Dimensions: 40’x50’, 40’x60’ and 50’x80’
  • A – Katha Property

What makes us a Heaven on Earth

We Believe That…

Let’s unlock the potential of Mother Nature and enrich our lives…!

A TOWNSHIP is NOT just a place to live in. The Ambience, the Neighbourhood, the Comforts, and the Amenities define the quality of Life and create a long lasting impression. It is much more than a mere Address…it is Our Identity.

The Green Woods project has been undertaken with an aim to enrich the lives and experiences of Nature lovers, their families and guests by providing a natural getaway from the fast-paced world and also by delivering year-round recreational facilities, thereby offering them great value for money..

Down the Memory lane towards Childhood

There’s no right time to re-live the untainted happiness of your childhood days. You can cherish those moments again! Just step into Green Woods and find yourself in the middle of lush green fields surrounding a village neighbourhood, gifting you those joyful days that you enjoyed in the lap of nature as a child. Also give your children the chance to enjoy their childhood! Feel nature amidst every modern comfort and convenience set against a backdrop of stunning landscapes and parks that throws you back to a time you always treasured.

Delivering the Green Life Style

Come to Green Woods to experience greenery in the true sense of the term. Live amidst glowing foliage, fresh air and abundance of light and you’ll definitely get to know the real meaning of peace and health. Indulge yourself in this green paradise and let every moment of your life be a celebration!

Double your Return on Investment

Green Woods is a must-have asset that will deliver excellent returns on your investment. You might have already following lot of buzz around the Bangalore-Chennai Industrial Corridor work progress and the Japan government/companies showing interest in this infrastructure development. That shows that, you are investing in a most happening place and is fast pacing developing area. Some more reasons to confidently say that, your returns on the investment are doubled in a short time:

NSR Green Woods Entrance 01
  • At Greenwoods, you are close to the Bangalore-Chennai Express Highway, adjacent to which major industrial corridor is planned. So, it’s time to anticipate major developments around this area.
  • Within the next couple of months, this locality will be under zonal regulations, which, once enforced, will make availability of land for specific usage scarce.
  • Expect major growth around this locality as Hoskote is declared as “Satellite Town” by Bangalore Development Authority.
  • Premier industrial players like ITC, Volvo, Honda, Mahindra, Ashok Leyland, have started/will start their operations in close proximity.
  • Last but not the least, the Green Woods project is being developed as Land Mark Address. As we complete with this project, you can expect very good appreciation of the value

Village Neighbourhood

Green Woods’ is strategically planned amidst an existing village ‘Bellavi’. For you, it means wholesome Nature, a friendly neighbourhood and a place ready to inhabit. Life is so endlessly beautiful, when you are living close to the Nature. The Nature is at its best, when you are living in a Village.

Home Away from Home – Life with its Beauteous Best

At Green Woods, Greenery and Recreation perfectly blend to give you ultimate satisfaction. There is a World Class Club House, a Playground, a Swimming Pool and every other facility to help enjoy with your near and dear ones. Owners of this property can enjoy the facilities of Guest Rooms with all Recreational Amenities. Alternatively, you can help yourself to a uniquely styled and architected KUTEER as your private holiday home. Our Property Management Cell will maintain your property with utmost care for your convenience.

Ready to Move In

The project incorporates all the ‘Ready to Move In’ facilities that include

NSR Green Woods Solar Power Unit
  • All services which are needed for possession enabled
  • Round the clock Security in place
  • Village Neighborhood
  • Accessibility to IT corridors, Offices and Shopping Areas
  • Accessibility to Bus and Train routes
  • And above all, Proximity to Nature that ensures long life, health and peace of mind.

Industrial Growth Hub

Many companies have already started their operations in the Narsapur & Malur industrial areas within 10-12 Kms radius from Green Woods. With the proposed Industrial Corridor across the Bangalore-Chennai Express Highway, this area is about to flourish within a very short time with major developments.

Theme based Designer Parks

Green Woods is our first prestigious project and we are committed to develop this Township as one of the major attractions in the neighborhood. Our project plan incorporates some novel ideas to develop attractive parks which would be favorite hangouts.

NSR Green Woods Village Theme Park 5
  • A Village Theme Park – Beautiful, Relaxing, Functional and Informative
  • Functional (Vegetables and Fruits) and Herbal Gardens