What is your Company’s Vision?

NSR Ventures is a young company. We started this company with a single vision to promote GREEN life. We want to develop our projects as (y)our life style statement and will in turn help us in good health and peace of mind.

We believe in “Let's unlock the potential of Mother Nature and enrich our lives. A TOWNSHIP is NOT just a place to live in. The Ambience, the Neighborhood, the Comforts, and the Amenities define the quality of Life and create a long lasting impression. It is much more than a mere Address…it is Our Identity.

The company is committed to creating integrated living modules that ensure entertainment, fun and relaxation through a completely GREEN environment and making them highly affordable to the people.

What is GREEN WOODS all about?

GREEN WOODS is our first project shaping our vision into reality. We want to make it best in class Township and create it as a Green Paradise. We planned this amidst of existing Village, to make it good for immediate living with good friendly neighborhood.

The Green Woods project has been undertaken with an aim to enrich the lives and experiences of Nature lovers, their families and guests by providing a natural getaway from the fast-paced world and also by delivering year-round recreational facilities, thereby offering them great value for money.

It is about,

  • Delivering the Green Life Style – The Greenery at its Best!
  • Double your Returns on Investment – You are investing in one of the fastest growing area and one of the Landmark and Signature Property.
  • Amidst Village Neighborhood - Life is so endlessly beautiful, when you are living close to the Nature. The Nature is at its best, when you are living in a Village.
  • Home Away from Home, Life with its Beauteous Best – Uniquely architected Kuteers are there for your weekend / holiday recreational / relaxing needs.
  • Ready to Move In – It is ready for your immediate living.
  • Near Industrial Growth Hub – It is next to Bangalore-Chennai Industrial Corridor which is fastest growing industrial hub in Southern India.
  • Theme based Designer Parks and well developed Landscape – You have enough greenery around to soothe your eyes.

How the GREEN WOODS different from other Townships?

GREEN WOODS is uniquely designed and located to cater most of our customer needs, particularly for Nature Lovers. We have some Kuteer concepts which are different from regular houses to cater the weekend/holiday recreational / relaxing needs. As this property located amidst green fields and Village neighborhood, you can enjoy the most with your near and dear away from fast paced City life. At Green Woods, Greenery and Recreation perfectly blend to give you ultimate satisfaction. There is a World Class Club House, a Playground, a Swimming Pool and every other facility to help enjoy with your family and friends.

Who are your target customers for the GREENWOODS project?

  • Nature and Green Lovers
  • Who wants the home away from their home, where they can come in the weekends/holidays to enjoy their time with recreational activities and relax themselves.
  • Who wants to live in the Green Paradise as First Home which is ready to move in.
  • Who wants to invest their hard earned money for very good returns in 2-5 years’ time.

How much of returns I can expect on my investment in GREEN WOODS project?

Green Woods is a must-have asset that will deliver excellent returns on your investment. You might have already following lot of buzz around the Bangalore-Chennai Industrial Corridor work progress and the Japan government/companies showing interest in this infrastructure development. That shows that, you are investing in a most happening place and is fast pacing developing area. Some more reasons to confidently say that, your returns on the investment are doubled in a short time:
  • At Greenwoods, you are close to (around 1km) the Bangalore-Chennai Express Highway, adjacent to which major industrial corridor is planned. So, it’s time to anticipate major developments around this area.
  • Within the next couple of months, this locality will be under zonal regulations, which, once enforced, will make availability of land for specific usage scarce.
  • Expect major growth around this locality as Hoskote is declared as “Satellite Town” by Bangalore Development Authority.
  • Premier industrial players like ITC, Volvo, Honda, Mahindra, Ashok Leyland, Toyota, Hundai have started/will start their operations in close proximity in the surrounding Industrial areas. This is becoming Automobile Industry hub in Southern India.
  • Last but not the least, the Green Woods project is being developed as Land Mark Address. As we complete with this project, you can expect very good appreciation of the value.

What are the Approvals in place and what is the Legal Status?

The complete land what we are planning for GREEN WOODS project is followed multiple iterations of legal verification process and finalized after close scrutiny from the experienced lawyers and approved this land from the legal front. Moreover, we also have the local network to investigate the land titles flow from 1950 or so till date, to double ensure on the legal status of the land.

The complete piece and parcel of the land used for this project is DC converted from Agriculture land to Residential land to make it a valid usage of the land for residential needs. Also, we got the required approvals from ‘Malur Town Planning Authority’ office which is highest competent body equivalent to BMRDA to make it legally hassle-free property to buy.

Moreover, we are ensuring that we have plenty of open space left in the Township as per the Town Planning Authority guidelines to avoid any issues in future. Also, we are committed to develop the Township as per the plan with quality infrastructure, even, better than what the township guidelines talks about.

It is very far from City. Don’t you think so?

It is definitely little away from the City. We took this decision consciously to come close to the Village, where the Nature/Greenery at its Best! That means, you are getting double/triple the size of land for the same price which you need to pay in the City. Also, you will be coming close to fastest developing area which will help you to get very good returns on your investment.

Moreover, see the Distance and Time Taken details from the 'Location Map' tab under Green Woods details page, you will realize, you are not actually taking longer time to reach your offices and other land marks. As you are living outside the city, the travel time is significantly less for the same distance of travel, compared to travelling from one end of the city to other end where you need to cross the many traffic jams.

What is the Accessibility to this GREEN WOODS project?

One best thing we can talk about GREEN WOODS is, it’s ACCESSIBILITY. You have various roads to reach this place -

  • The immediate road is, ‘Devenahalli – Malur – Hosur’ Ring Road is on cards for widening and it is maked as ‘Major District Highway’ in PWD (Government Body who maintains the Roads) records. That means, it is 50 meters wide road.
  • The shortest road which we use to come from Hoskote is ‘Dandu Palya – Kolathur – Appasandra – Doddadenahalli’ road is maked as ‘Major District Highway’ in PWD (Government Body who maintains the Roads) records. That means, it is 50 meters wide road.
  • The alternative road which we use to come from Hoskote is ‘Hoskote – Malur Highway Road’ is marked as ‘State Highway’ in PWD (Government Body who maintains the Roads) records. That means, it is 80 meters wide road. It is very soon widened.
  • The ‘Bangalore-Chennai Express Highway’ alignment is already done and budget is allocated. All three state governments (Karnataka, Andhra & Tamilnadu) already approved this plan. Now, the land acquisition process is going on. By 2015 it will be in final shape.
  • Malur Railway Station also close to this place and have frequent trains to Bangalore City and most of the trains which goes in Chennai route has a stop here.
  • There are various roads are marked for widening in this area, due to the Automobile Industrial Hub which is developing with fast pace in Narsapur Industrial Area.

Can you explain me more on Bangalore-Chennai Express Highway status?

You might have already following lot of buzz around the Bangalore-Chennai Industrial Corridor work progress and the Japan government/companies showing interest in this infrastructure development. Which is in the similar lines of the project taken off as Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor and is a major success. The Bangalore-Chennai Express Highway is one of the important infrastructure project part of the Bangalore-Chennai Industrial Corridor development. It is the high speed road (120 km speed limit) which connects Chennai Port to Bangalore and along the side, various Industrial Areas are developed by all 3 state governments (Karnataka, Andhra & Tamilnadu). The 'Bangalore-Chennai Express Highway' alignment is already done and budget is allocated. All three state governments (Karnataka, Andhra & Tamilnadu) already approved this plan. Now, the land acquisition process is going on. As per the plan, by 2015 it will be in final shape. Please go through this detailed project report for more details and is prepared by Japan Company after detailed study @ http://www.meti.go.jp/meti_lib/report/2012fy/E001979-2.pdf . And also, we have put various media coverage under ‘Media Coverage’ link/page on this Express Highway project to get you the up to date status.

What are your plans for this project?

As you know, GREEN WOODS is our first project and we are determined to make it a Land Mark project. We have lot of passion and pride in this project and we have good plan in place and our team is executing the same to the perfection.

Please find our detailed Project Plan in Green Woods details page. You can go there by clicking the 'Green woods' menu link from the Home Page.

What is the completion time for this project?

As per our Project Plan, we are targeting to complete the basic infrastructure by December 2015. And, the Club House, Swimming Pool and total landscaping will be completed by December 2016.

How do you maintain GREENWOODS, once the Infrastructure and Amenities completed?

We believe that, our responsibility won’t stop after our sales and completion of the project. We are equally responsible along with all the owners of the property to ensure, the property is maintained well and taken care to keep it CLEAN and GREEN forever. After all, it is NSR Ventures reputation at stake, if our Township is not maintained well and taken care to keep it as good as new one. Hence, we decided to put good handover mechanism after completion and have the right team in place to maintain the same. For that, we work closely with the owners of this property and ensure proper system is in place to maintain well.

Till the development continues, Our NSR staff will take care of the maintenance without any additional charges to our customers. Once the project is completed, we will communicate with all our Green Woods customers and give the complete possession of the property. We will share the actual maintenance cost and it will be distributed across all the owners to bear the maintenance charges from then onwards. We will form the GREEN WOODS OWNERS ASSOCIATION and we will hand over the maintenance to the elected body. However, NSR Ventures will ensure smooth transition and there will not be any lapse in the maintenance of the property. We will provide required support to the ASSOCIATION to function smoothly in future as well.

Are you planning to open the Resort to outsiders?

At this moment, we don’t have any confirmed plans to do this. However, we will look at this in later time, if ourselves and majority of the owners think that, we need to create some revenue generating model to maintain the resort/township.

Who will maintain my KUTEER, if I go for it?

Our team will be happy to maintain your property on behalf of you, with the nominal charges which we will be decided and communicated later towards completion of the project.

You may want to give your Kuteer on Rent to other people, to generate some decent income as well.

Do we get any Bank Loans for this Property?

Absolutely! We are getting all required approvals for our project to meet most of the banks finance approving criteria. You can expect a choice of atleast 3-4 banks who will be financing for our project. We will negotiate on behalf of you with banks, to get the best possible deals for you. And, we will ensure, hassle-free documentation process to have a good experience in buying Green Woods property!